Michael Marder

Michael Marder is Ikerbasque research professor of philosophy at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) in Spain and professor-at-large at the Humanities Institute, Diego Portales University (UDP), in Chile. His latest book is Energy Dreams: Of Actuality (2017).


Poland's Bialowieza: Losing the forest and the trees

In the post-truth era, Polish government is trying to convince us that it needs to chop down a forest to protect it.


Is Syriza's victory a shift for Europe?

Will other southern European countries heed the Greek call for resistance to non-democratic rule?


What else was paraded in Paris?

While unity was on parade in Paris, Netanyahu brought with him discord and old rifts.


What is a Jewish nation state?

The Israeli government is dropping the pretense of balancing the state's Jewish and democratic natur


Don't keep calm! And don't carry on!

Should Europeans 'keep calm' and conform to the status quo?


Living la vida low-cost in Portugal

In the age of austerity, the life of an entire generation across Southern Europe is devalued.


Here is why deconstructing Zionism is important

To criticise Zionism means to demand justice for its victims.


Why settlements will lead to a one-state solution

Peace between Israel and Palestine can only be achieved through a radical strategic overhaul, writes author.


What will save Portugal?

Portugal needs to switch to a knowledge-intensive economy to overcome the current crisis.


The sensitivity of plants

If plants are like "the lower animals", then they are animals that grow upside-down and inside-out, writes author.

Arts & Culture

A post-colonial comedy of errors

Post-colonial theorists agree that "there is no strict division between the coloniser and the colonised".

Latin America

Marginalising Europe

Europe needs to shed its Eurocentric attitude, argues Marder, but should not undergo "colonisation in reverse".