Luke Coffey


After elections Georgia must stay on Euro-Atlantic path

The elections are a test of Georgia's progress towards democracy and Euro-Atlantic integration.


Russia's Eurasian identity as part of its strategy

Putin is able to think strategically, using all hard and soft power tools to promote Russian foreign policy interests.

Business & Economy

Europe must remain firm on sanctions against Russia

How quickly many European countries have forgotten what Russia has done to Ukraine - and they could be next.


Iran deal will haunt the Middle East in the future

Iran is stronger and more forthright in the region today than it was before the deal was agreed.


NATO's meeting in Warsaw is the 'Second Chance' Summit

Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has been trying to find its new role.


Time for Eastern Europe to shine at the United Nations

A new secretary general from Eastern Europe would bring a global view much-needed in the UN.


Brexit: A wake up call for the EU, but will it listen?

By blaming "populism" for Brexit, the EU shows it is in denial about the undemocratic path it has taken.


I support Brexit but the Turkey bashing needs to stop

There are a million good reasons for Britain to leave the EU but the prospect of Turkey's accession isn't one of them.

War & Conflict

Russia's emerging naval presence in the Mediterranean

Russians know that access to the Mediterranean means access to the world.

War & Conflict

Liberating Mosul will not solve Iraq's problems

If Mosul were to fall tomorrow it would be a blow - but not a fatal blow - for ISIL.


The West needs to keep NATO's door open to new members

The allure of NATO membership is one of the West's most effective tools of democracy promotion.


Yemen: Is a political deal on the horizon?

As long as state sponsors of terrorism such as Iran are involved in Yemen, a political deal remains remote.