Jamil Khader

Jamil Khader is professor of English and dean of research at Bethlehem University, Palestine.

His numerous articles on postcolonial women writers, fantastic literature and cosmopolitanism have appeared in various national and international journals.


On ISIL, Arab TV and post-ideological politics

MBC's anti-ISIL TV series Black Crows toes the line of Western counterterrorism talk.

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The Walled Off Hotel: The struggle for decolonisation

Banksy's new installation hotel in Bethlehem is a powerful anticolonial statement about the Zionist colonial project.

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A toxic combination of Islamophobic obsession and anti-Palestinian animus.


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US & Canada

Palfest: Who represents whom in literature?

This year's Palfest raises important questions of the politics of literary representation.


Paradise regained: Price tag attacks and the promise of radical politics

Palestinian protests after a price tag attack on Fureidis worried Israeli authorities enough to elicit a condemnation.

US & Canada

On Scarlett Johansson and 'Blood Bubbles'

The debate over BDS rages on in the United States due to movie star's Sodastream affair.


When the revolution comes to Israel

Do Israeli audiences see the parallels between 'The Hunger Games' Panem and the Palestinian struggle against apartheid?