Ibrahim Kalin

Ibrahim Kalin is the spokesperson for the Turkish presidency.

War & Conflict

Germany's Armenian resolution: Unlawful and harmful

The resolution showed that politicising history for the sake of accomplishing short-term goals does more harm than good.


Zizek, Turkey and intellectual frivolity

Facts, details, evidence and coherence do matter.


G20 and Turkey's firsts

Among other objectives, the aim of the summit is to pave the way for a road map on addressing urgent global issues.


Turks, Armenians and the two memories of April 24

Turks, Kurds and Armenians killed each other in the thousands, betraying their history of coexistence in Anatolia.


Turkey's new democratic move

Sweeping reforms announced by Prime Minister Erdogan are hoped to be an impetus for drafting a new constitution.


The Kurdish question: Erdogan's 2+1 strategy

No other issue has caused Turkey as much suffering and trauma as the Kurdish question, writes Kalin.


A triumph for Turkish democracy

Prime Minister Erdogan's victory brings aspirations of unity and increasing regional power for Turkey.


Turkey and the Arab Spring

Turkey's stable democracy, proactive foreign policy, and growing achievements have made it a "soft power" in the region.


New dynamics of Turkish politics

With nascent constitutional reforms, the Turkish political landscape has undergone a major process of 'terraforming'.