Iason Athanasiadis

Iason Athanasiadis is an award-winning photojournalist who covers the Middle East.

Science & Technology

The tech threat: Moving towards a dystopian future

Technologies that will shape our future are already in play around us, and they will soon wreak havoc on our reality.

Human Rights

Martyr on the Mediterranean: Athens' double crisis

After six years of financial and social crisis, will the refugees trapped in Athens destroy the city or spark a rebirth?

Science & Technology

Wired on Mount Athos

A monastic community is slowly succumbing to the network - is that a bad thing?

War & Conflict

Greece and the swansong of the nation-state

Greece finds itself in the role of a Sisyphean cautionary tale, preserved within the EU in a zombie limbo.

Business & Economy

Privilege and the Panama Papers

In an era of mass inequality, can a digital panopticon banish privilege?

War & Conflict

Terror attacks indicate our system is malfunctioning

In a networked age, a butterfly fluttering its wings in Tunisia can trigger a geopolitical storm in Brussels.

War & Conflict

The wild will chase away the tame

Refugees streaming into Europe are victims and agents of a misdirected modernity that will transform our societies.

War & Conflict

Could Greece become the Libya of Europe?

Recognising its similarities with Libya should be Greece's first step towards avoiding a similar fate.


Greece and the passing of the nation state

A conflicted Greece reveals how transnational utopias and virtual purgatories are replacing the nation state.


More than a referendum: Will Greece exit the West?

Greeks may be voting on austerity but their choice will usher in a new phase in Hellenism's turbulent history.

Science & Technology

First westernisation, now techlienation

Can a new netiquette bulletproof our shriveling physical experiences from the intrusiveness of social media?


The Greek Varometer

The irreverent, shaven-headed, motorbike-riding academic's arrival is viewed in messianic terms.