Helena Malikyar


9/11: Afghanistan still at the mercy of myopic policies

The US must continue to pressure Pakistan to stop harbouring the militants who threaten Afghanistan and the world.

War & Conflict

The end of Pakistan's double-games in Afghanistan

Flare-up of Afghanistan-Pakistan border tensions signals a shift of dynamics in their historically thorny relationship.

War & Conflict

Ashraf Ghani: A return to traditional Afghan governance

Afghan president's speech signals return to a consultative and consensual relationship between the state and society.

Arts & Culture

When Clint Eastwood came to Afghanistan

Cinema Kabul had set the stage for revolutionary social changes – what went wrong?


Afghanistan: Pity the children

Conflict, poverty, and flawed policies are killing Afghan children.


What corruption indexes don't tell us about Afghanistan

The US-led international community's stability-first approach has neglected establishment of the rule of law.

War & Conflict

Afghanistan War must end but not at any cost

December saw a 57 percent rise in civilian casualties.

Poverty & Development

Afghanistan's tough year, but optimism persists

2015 was arguably the year that showcased consequences of all erroneous policies in the country.


Kabul Taxi: You talkin' to me?

A return to 1960s-style political satire helps lighten the mood in Afghanistan – online at least.

War & Conflict

Kunduz did not happen overnight

Pakistan and some Afghan politicians have foolishly played the ethnic card with deadly consequences.


Is an 'Afghan Awakening' the solution?

The latest wave in arming Afghan citizens has come under the name of popular uprisings.

War & Conflict

Afghanistan: The other refugee crisis

Afghans make up the second largest refugee population in Europe – so why aren't we talking about it?