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Open Letter of support for citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Prominent academics and intellectuals express their support for the Bosnian protests.

    Bosnian protests erupted in early February [Reuters]
    Bosnian protests erupted in early February [Reuters]
    We, the undersigned, express our full support for the legitimate demands and justified outrage of citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Their cry for a decent life, true democracy, solidarity that knows no borders - be them ethnic, national or religious, social equality and justice - resonates throughout the world. In a similar fashion to the citizens of Tahrir, Zuccotti Park, Taksim or Syntagma, the Bosnian protestors showed a courage to go beyond all institutional obstacles and all limitations that governments around the world impose on their citizens and reclaimed their streets and squares.

    The people of Bosnia-Herzegovina are standing against the system of exploitation, injustice and inequality that has been serving only and exclusively a tiny political, economic and financial elite.
    One hundred years after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand when imperialist European leaders pushed their nations into a mutual destruction, Bosnia is sending a strong wake-up call to everyone. The world we live in is a world of divisions, expanding fascism, growing political and social apartheid, unrelenting capitalist destruction of both nature and common wealth of all.

    The citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina have been experiencing all of that on an everyday level over the past 20 years. After the nationalist war between 1992 and 1995, in which 100,000 people lost their lives, the institutional peace settlement restored the capitalist system, destroyed the working and middle classes, and entrenched not only ethnic but also social divisions that have been successfully exploited by political elites. They said "enough" and we say "enough" with them.
    We voice our support for their legitimate efforts to create a just and equal society in Bosnia-Herzegovina. We call upon all progressive political and social forces to stand with the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina in this decisive struggle for a better future for us all.
    Tariq Ali, writer and social activist, UK
    Gil Anidjar, scholar, University of Columbia, USA
    Vladimir Arsenijevic, writer, Serbia
    Etienne Balibar, professor emeritus, University Paris Ouest, France
    Franco Berardi Bifo, philosopher, Italy
    Alida Bremer, writer, Germany
    Wendy Brown, political theorist, UC BUSA
    Boris Buden, Univeristy of Weimar, Germany
    Noam Chomsky, linguist and social activist, MIT, USA
    Goran Fejic, writer, France
    Karl-Markus Gauss, writer, Austria
    Costas Douzinas, philosopher, Birkbeck, University of London,  UK
    Dasa Drndic, writer, Croatia
    Michael Hardt, philosopher, Duke University, USA
    David Harvey, geographer, CUNY, USA
    Aleksandar Hemon, writer, USA
    Srecko Horvat, philosopher, Croatia
    Sasa Ilic, writer, Serbia
    Rada Ivekovic, philosopher, University St. Etienne, France
    Mate Kapovic, linguist, University of Zagreb, Croatia
    Naomi Klein, author and social activist, USA
    Maurizio Lazzarato, philosopher, France
    Christian Marazzi, economist, Switzerland
    Antonio Negri, philosopher, Italy/France
    Andrej Nikolaidis, writer, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Montenegro
    Nigel Osborne, professor emeritus, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    Costas Lapavitsas, economist, SOAS, UK
    Renata Salecl, philosopher, Slovenia
    Elke Schmitter, writer, Germany
    Ingo Schulze, writer, Germany
    Igor Stiks, University of Edinburgh, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Scotland/UK
    Eric Toussaint, economist, CADTM, Belgium
    Yanis Varoufakis, economist, University of Texas, USA
    Jasmila Zbanic, film-director, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Slavoj Zizek, philosopher, Slovenia

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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