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Infographic: How coronavirus spread across India

India has some half a million confirmed coronavirus cases, with nearly 70 percent of total cases reported in June alone.

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The number of new coronavirus cases in India has more than doubled over the past 20 days, with more than two-thirds of total cases reported in June alone.

This sharp increase has taken India from seventh-highest most affected country in the world at the end of May to fourth-highest today. Only Russia (653,479), Brazil (1.4 million) and the US (2.6 million) have more confirmed cases.

India's first confirmed case was reported on January 30 in the southern state of Kerala. Over the course of February, known infections remained in the single digits largely due to a lack of testing.

However, during the first three weeks of March, cases quickly increased to 400. On March 25, the government announced a hard-hitting nationwide lockdown in order to help prevent the spread of the disease.

Below is an animated graphic that shows how the coronavirus spread across Indian states since March:

Here's how many new infections and deaths were recorded over the past four months according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University:

March: 1,394 new cases, 35 deaths.

April: 33,466 new cases, 1,119 deaths.

May: 155,746 new cases, 4,254 deaths.

June: 394,872 new cases, 11,992 deaths.

Mapping India's confirmed COVID-19 cases

India's hardest-hit state is Maharashtra - home to Mumbai, the nation's financial hub. The virus has particularly hit India's densely populated cities, and there are now serious concerns for New Delhi which has overtaken Mumbai with more than 87,000 cases.

The city's government has predicted it will have 500,000 infections by the end of July. It is already using railway carriages to house patients and has taken over hotels and banquet halls to relieve the pressure on hard-pressed hospitals.

Below is a state-wide map of COVID-19 cases in India:

Source: Al Jazeera

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