Syria's Civil War

Syria under siege

Millions of residents in besieged and hard-to-reach areas are suffering amid a flawed aid approval process.

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As the war in Syria enters its seventh year, "Syrian authorities continue to deliberately and illegally manipulate UN humanitarian access, arbitrarily limiting, restricting and denying aid deliveries in order to ensure the continued suffering of besieged populations," according to a new report from Physicians for Human Rights.

The report says that by deliberately impeding aid in an attempt to starve civilians, the Syrian government has committed "war crimes".

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Between May and December 2016, Syrian authorities approved aid convoys to about two-thirds of the UN's requested populations - already a subset of the total number of besieged and hard-to-reach populations. However, just 38 percent of the approved populations actually received that aid, with many deliveries stalled or blocked at later stages.

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syria besieged aid infographic

syria besieged aid infographic

Source: Al Jazeera News

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