In pictures: Violence follows Bahrain funeral

After Abdulnabi Kadhem's body was laid to rest, mourners' impromptu protest ended with clashes with police.


    Watch Mohamed Vall's report from the funeral

    Early on Wednesday morning, witnesses say that Abdulnabi Kadhem was killed in his car when it was struck by a police Land Cruiser in A'ali village in Bahrain. His family told Al Jazeera that Kadhem, a 44-year-old farmer who was working in his fields that morning, usually wrapped his head in a traditional scarf to stay warm in the early morning hours and was likely mistaken for a protester by riot police.

    He died only hours before the release of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry. People in his home village told Al Jazeera that they were not optimistic that it would lead to major democratic reforms in the country, and, during Kadhem's funeral, they continued their calls for the toppling of the al-Khalifa monarchy.

    Kadhem is the second person to be recently killed in a collision with a police vehicle. On Saturday morning, 16-year-old protester Ali al-Badah died after being struck in Juffair village.

    Al Jazeera's Gregg Carlstrom and Mohamed Vall also reported from the funeral in A'ali on Thursday.

    1) Abdulnabi Kadhem's body is wrapped in a Bahraini flag after it is washed for burial, as is tradition in Islam [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    2) Women gathered near the graveyard. From left to right: 'If the price of freedom is blood, then kill us'; 'One martyr after another and our wounds increase from the ruler Yazid to [King] Hamad'; 'The spirit of the martyrs lives and death to all oppressors and dictators' [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    3) Women mourners follow the men during the funeral procession in A'ali village [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    4) Mourners carry Bahraini flags past a Shia mosque in A'ali [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    5) Graffiti in A'ali reads [in Arabic]: 'No compromise, no going back, no to humiliation' [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    6) 'Down with [King] Hamad' is painted on the ground [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    7) A young mourner at Abdulnabi Kadhem's funeral [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    8) Shia clerics led prayers over the body during the funeral procession [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]

    9) Abdulnabi Kadhem's body was driven atop a car as the procession made its way through A'ali village [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]

    10) Hundreds of mourners gathered around the grave as the body was lowered in [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]

    11) Mourners pray after Kadhem's body is lowered into the grave, as two of his brothers (dressed in white) look on [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]

    12) Immediately after the funeral, many mourners wrapped t-shirts around their heads and confronted police - who fired tear gas [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    13) Some protesters threw stones in the clashes with police following the funeral of Abdulnabi Kadhem [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    14) Police tear-gas sent protesters running to seek shelter in homes in A'ali village [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    15) Riot police marched through the village searching for protesters [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    16) Some protesters attempted to build makeshift roadblocks from what they found on the street [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    17) Tear-gas rises from the streets in protests following funeral of Abdulnabi Kadhem in Bahrain [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    18) Protesters wait on top of homes, careful not to be seen by police - who shot tear-gas onto several rooftops [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]


    19) A woman shouts 'Allahu Akbar' (God is greatest) from a rooftop [Matthew Cassel/Al Jazeera]

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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