In pictures: Occupy Wall Street's first weeks

Furious with what they see as a gross mishandling of financial crisis, many in the US take to the streets to be heard.


    The protest occupation near the United States' financial centre is nearing three weeks of action.

    The protest, "more multi-faceted than a single campaign", according to one organiser, Elliot Tarver, has gone viral on Twitter, Facebook and has spread to at least 70 other US cities.

    It has included daily marches and other forms of protest, organising meetings, close to 800 arrests and the creation of what Occupy Wall Street protester Jesse Alexander Meyerson calls "not only a political protest, but also a model society".

    Follow more of Al Jazeera's coverage of the movement here.

    1) A participant at Zuccotti Park volunteers at an information desk to help explain the situation to passersby [GALLO/GETTY]


    2) Occupy Wall Street protesters at the edge of their protest encampment hold signs critical of the United States' wealth gap [GALLO/GETTY]


    3) Protesters marched to New York's police headquarters on September 30, almost two weeks after the encampment began on September 17 [GALLO/GETTY]


    4) Two young demonstrators, frustrated with their options given the financial crisis, hold up a sign in Zuccotti Park [Reuters]


    5) Commuters walk through the Occupy Wall Street camp, where people frustrated with the financial crisis and the US government's handling of it sleep through the night [Reuters]


    6) A makeshift library grabs activists' attention in between marches and rallies in and around Zuccotti Park [Reuters]


    7) Occupy Wall Street's communal kitchen is filled with food donated daily by supporters from around the world [GALLO/GETTY]


    8) An Occupy Wall Street demonstrator washes dishes in Zuccotti Park's makeshift kitchen [Reuters]


    9) A protester tapes a dollar over his mouth in a symbolic demonstration of the power of money over the voices of dissent as he stands in Zuccotti Park [Reuters]


    10) On October 1, police allowed protesters to march onto New York's Brooklyn Bridge, where they were subsequently blocked by officers, who made 700 arrests [GALLO/GETTY]


    11) A protester critical of banks that are 'too big to fail' holds a sign in Zuccotti Park [EPA]


    12) Activists in Los Angeles, California, joined New York protesters' call to occupy public space across the nation on October 1 [GALLO/GETTY]


    13) Occupy Los Angeles demonstrators bolster their protest with a march against the mishandling of the US financial crisis, and in support of protesters in New York [GALLO/GETTY]


    14) Activists in Chicago, Illinois, have created 'Occupy Chicago', joining Occupy Wall Street to demand a different form of popular democracy [GALLO/GETTY]

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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