In Pictures: Weekend around the world

A selection of striking news photographs across the globe.

    An assortment of images from India and North Korea to Libya and Israel shows common thematic elements in protests, sports, victories and tragedies that occurred over the weekend. Juxtaposing views of the absurd with the power of nature, Russian art and US weather pictures also made the news:

    Activists from Communist Party of India (Marxist) shout slogans during a protest rally against corruption and in support of the Lokpal bill in New Delhi [Reuters]


    Indian fans wearing hats reading "Messi" cheer for Argentina before the start of a friendly match between Argentina and Venezuela in Kolkata [Reuters]


    Libya's Ahmed Saad celebrates with a Kingdom of Libya flag after wining against Mozambique during a 2012 African Cup of Nations qualifying soccer match at Petro Sport Stadium in Cairo [Reuters]


    An anti-Gaddafi fighter holds a Kingdom of Libya flag upon his arrival at Tarhouna, some 70km north of Bani Walid [Reuters]


    An acrobat performs during a protest against rising housing prices and social inequalities in Israel, in the center of coastal Tel Aviv [AFP]


    A man holds a sign during a demonstration calling for lower living costs and social justice in Israel's largest-ever social protest [Reuters]


    Jamaica's Usain Bolt wins the men's 200 metres final at the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships in Daegu [AFP]


    Bolt celebrates his victory after the race, having recorded the fourth fastest time in history [AFP]


    Workers carry a creation by Siberian artist Vasily Slonov named "Brain on crutches. State intellectual project Skolkovo" from the Museum of Modern Art during the ninth biennial in Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk [Reuters]

    Workers prepare a creation by Dutch artist Andrei Roiter named "The Future" before the opening ceremony of the biennial [Reuters]


    This image obtained from the NASA/NOAA GOES Project shows a tropical depression over the Gulf of Mexico and Tropical Storm Katia (R), just days after Hurricane Irene ravaged the East Coast of the US [AFP]


    Cody Baum (L) stands in a flooded yard as volunteers gather sandbags in Lafitte, Louisiana, as slow-moving Tropical Storm Lee strengthened [Reuters]


    A woman prepares a red carpet for the departure ceremony of the Mangyongbyong cruise ship in the North Korean Special Economic Zone of Rason City, northeast of Pyongyang [Reuters]

    A member of a Chinese tourism delegation sleeps next to pictures of North Korean leaders Kim Jong-il (R) and Kim Il-sung aboard the Mangyongbyong cruise ship during its inaugural trip [Reuters]


    Locals search for the remains of 21 passengers and their plane near Juan Fernandez Islands, about 676km off Chile's coast [Reuters]


    A child lights candles outside TVN national television in Santiago after the station said that five of its staff members, including popular presenter Felipe Camiroaga, were among the passengers in a plane which was presumed to have crashed [Reuters]

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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