In Pictures: The world in 24 hours

A glimpse from around the world during the past day.

    01) A building maintenance company worker cleans the windows of an elementary school to reduce radiation level in Kawamata, Fukushima district, northern Japan. Living in fear of radiation has become part of life for residents both near and far from the crisis-hit Fukushima nuclear plant [Yuriko Nakao/Reuters]


    02) Students hold candles on August 6 as they take part in a special prayer in the northern Indian city of Chandigarh to mark the 66th anniversary of the world's first atomic attack on Hiroshima, Japan [Ajay Verma/Reuters]


    03) A double decker bus burns as riot police try to contain a large group of people on a main road in Tottenham, north London on August 6 2011. Two police cars were on Saturday set ablaze in north London following a protest over the fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man [Leon Neal/AFP]


    04) Protesters in Tel Aviv shout slogans as they stand in front of a giant painting that reads 'Working Class' during a massive protest calling for lower property prices in Israel [Nir Elias/Reuters]


    05) Ugandan soldiers serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) rest outside Mogadishu Stadium, the former headquarters of the al-Shabaab insurgent group in the north of the Somali capital [Stuart Price/Reuters]


    06)Saimaiti Aishan, a 27-year-old Uighur tightrope-walking acrobat, walks on a 15-metre-long tightrope which is connected between two hot air balloons during an attempt for setting a 30 metre height record in Langshan, Hunan province, China on August 6 [Reuters]



    07) A student reads the Quran in a mosque in Jakarta [Supri/Reuters]


    08) Worshippers sing during the prayer and fasting event, entitled 'The Response' at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas on August 6. Thousands attended the event organised by Governor Rick Perry in order to pray for God to help save 'a nation in crisis' [Brandon Thibodeaux/Getty Images/AFP]


    09) A combination of pictures shows a merry-go-round during the Fete de Geneve in Geneva [Denis Balibouse/Reuters]


    10) A woman with a mohawk listens to music during the 17th Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn-upon-Odra River, close to the Polish and German border [Pawel Kopczynski/Reuters]


    11) A Tibetan woman takes cover during a downpour in the northern Indian hill town of Dharamsala [Adnan Abidi/Reuters]


    12) Supporters of FC Nuremberg hold up balloons before the German Bundesliga first division soccer match against Hertha Berlin in Berlin on August 6 [Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters]


    13) Participants of the Canal Parade dance as their boat makes its way through the canals as part of the annual gay pride parade in Amsterdam on August 6 [Paul Vreeker/Reuters]


    14) A man drinks a glass of sugar cane juice in Havana [Desmond Boylan/Reuters]

    SOURCE: Agencies


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