In Pictures: Women of Gaza

The lives of Palestinian women under siege in the Gaza Strip are documented in photography.


    Despite the devastation Palestinians of the Gaza Strip have faced due to the ongoing Israeli siege and occupation, an elegant community spirit prevails. Life continues, as do traditions and self-respect - resistance to suffering has become standard. Women are continuing to care for their families, striving for education and pursuing careers. This is a look at the everyday lives of women in Gaza.

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    1) Young women attend an exercise class organised by the Women's Charitable Society, a Hamas-funded organisation based in Gaza [Tanya Habjouqa]


    2) In the Gaza City home of Dr Jamal Shareef, a literature professor at Al Azhar University, his 16-year-old niece (R) shows pictures of her fiancé [Tanya Habjouqa]


    3) A young girl from the Rafah refugee camp takes a study break on the beach [Tanya Habjouqa]


    4) Moemen Faiz, a photographer, sits with his new wife, Deema Ayideh, at the couple’s home in Gaza. Faiz was injured during Israel's assault on Gaza in the winter of 2008-09, and was later flown to Saudi Arabia where he received treatment. The two fell in love when Ayideh, a journalist, interviewed Faiz at the hospital, and they married soon after [Tanya Habjouqa]


    5) High school students enjoy a field trip on the Mediterranean Sea off the Gazan coast [Tanya Habjouqa]


    6) A woman enjoys a run along the seafront, a practice she steadfastly insists on enjoying, despite the stares of surprised fishermen and male beachgoers [Tanya Habjouqa]


    7) Huda Nae'm, a Hamas lawmaker in Gaza, plays at home with her children [Tanya Habjouqa]


    8) Journalist and outspoken Hamas critic, Asmaa Al Ghoul, plays with her son [Tanya Habjouqa]


    9) A farmer sits in her fields, north of Gaza City [Tanya Habjouqa]


    10) While these medical students at Al Azhar University of Gaza dream of furthering their studies abroad, they want to practice medicine in Gaza once qualified [Tanya Habjouqa]


    11) A woman prays while on break from a sewing class organised, part of the Women's Charitable Society's 'economic empowerment for women' initiatives [Tanya Habjouqa]


    12) A newly married couple relax at the beach on a cool autumn's day in Gaza [Tanya Habjouqa]


    13) High school students play on Facebook after completing homework - online social networking is becoming increasingly popular for youth in Gaza to connect with others outside the territory [Tanya Habjouqa]


    14) A family in Gaza City enjoys a picnic on the beach, one of the few options left to most families in Gaza unable to escape the suffocating siege [Tanya Habjouqa]

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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