A woman's game: Marta Vieira da Silva

'There were no other girls in town playing football and people made sure to let you know that.'

    People in town used to tell Marta that she wasn't normal because she was the only girl playing in football tournaments.

    "Of course, I'm not normal," she says.

    Now, she's a five-time FIFA World Player of the Year. 

    This is the first episode in the three-part series "A Woman's Game". Each episode features women from different parts of the world who dedicated their lives to football, a sport dominated by men. 

    Director: Claudia Jardim

    Producers: Irene Caselli and Mariangela Maturi

    Editor: HyoJin Park

    Special thanks to Orlando Pride and Brazilian Football Confederation.

    This story was funded by the European Journalism Centre.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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