Sons of Jerusalem

What is it like to live in a divided city? Sons of Jerusalem is the story of a father and son living in the Old City.


    Hatem is fighting to save his family's home while trying to keep his son Mahdi out of jail.

    Living in a house crammed in among Israeli settlers in Jerusalem, Mahdi has spent more of his teenage years waiting for verdicts in Israeli courts than outside playing with his friends. Al Jazeera first met him as he lived under house arrest and followed his fate through the Israeli court system.

    "Even if you have a dream to be somebody in the future, they destroy that dream," said Mahdi.

    His family, too, is constantly on edge, facing the daily threat of eviction from their home.

    "I'm in pain for my home, but for Jerusalem too. It's slipping away. It's being lost," said Hatem.

    What will become of Mahdi? And will his family be evicted?


    Awad Joumaa

    Executive Producer:

    Andrew James Phillips


    Khaled and Salh Zighari


    Jameel Hodzic, Hiba Dlewati, Andrew James Phillips

    Edit Assistant:

    Waleed Marai

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News



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