'As a Cuban, I want the policies that began with Obama'

"Hillary Clinton will hold the continuity flag of Obama. But Trump has Putin's support."


    Ivan de la Nuez, writer and art curator

    The US elections will affect Cuba, but not substantially. Obama made an unprecedented step, but he could not have done it without the establishment's approval, says Ivan de la Nuez, a Cuban writer and art curator.

    'The horizon, with both, is terrible'  [Photo courtesy of Ivan de la Nuez /Al Jazeera] 

    Ivan de la Nuez managed his repatriation to Cuba earlier this year after the Cuban government authorised the return of intellectuals and artists who had decided to leave the island and have careers abroad. Regarding both candidates to the US presidency, he is sure that: "Hillary Clinton will hold the continuity flag of Obama. But Trump has Putin's support. And I think none of them would change the policies towards Cuba."

    Based in Spain for more than two decades, Ivan de la Nuez assumes that Donald Trump will be the winner. "I have scrutinised that point where the vote becomes an act of revenge. And he has the possibilities to do so. Anyway, even if Clinton wins, the system will already have lost its legitimacy, and possibly with no chance to return."

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    The new changes introduced in the socioeconomic order in Cuba, following the political rapprochement with the United States, have made Cubans pay close attention to the developments in the US presidential election.

    "As a Cuban, I want the policies that began with Obama to continue. In any case, no candidate has shown any talent to change the geopolitical dynamics. They are minor leaders. The horizon, with both, is terrible," says De la Nuez. 

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera News



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