India polls: Quotable quotes

Sampling of fiery speeches and tall promises that politicians are making to woo voters in state elections.

    Indian crowds listen to their pouplar leaders as politicians make promises to garner support [GALLO/GETTY]

    Uttar Pradesh - India's most populous state - is in the midst of legislative elections. The stakes for political parties are high and its leaders are not sparing any effort to lure voters.

    In a high-decibel campaign, they are making fiery speeches laced with tall promises. Here's a sample of what they said:

    Rahul Gandhi
    •  "You believed in my grandmother, you believed in my father. Now believe me."
    •  "Anybody who says caste does not exist in UP has not walked the streets of UP."
    •  "Throw a shoe at me. Do whatever. I’m not scared of anyone."
    • "I want to correct the way we have been working in this state. I believe it is a monumental crime not to hear the voice of the people."
    • "The next UP chief minister is going to be from the Congress. We are not going to have truck with any other party."


    Priyanka Gandhi

    •  "Leaders come and make promises on caste and religious lines and then they snatch their rights.
    •  The difference between the Congress and other parties is that it treats all equally... "                                  
    •  "I am not an astrologer. But my understanding is that the party will get much more seats   than the last time."
    •  "As I understand it, the mandate my brother is trying to seek is for UP’s development."

    Uma Bharti

    •  "In case we fall short of majority in forming the government in UP, I would prefer drowning in Saryu river rather than striking an alliance with either SP or BSP."  




      "Protect your vote like your mother and daughter."
    •  "The Congress cannot tolerate the daughter of a Dalit as chief minister and that was why its effort was to run me down."
    •  "Don't get carried away by the lip-service of different opposition parties and their manifestos, but be particularly wary of the Congress party, because it has very big stakes but a very poor support base."
    •  "The BSP would never forgive the Congress party and Samajwadi party for the aggressive campaign and support lent to cloaking of statues of late Kanshi Ram and me."


    L K Advani

    •  "Only the BJP could put India among the top five developed nations of the world."                             
    •  "While the Manmohan Singh government has been repeatedly rebuked by the Supreme Court, now it is your turn to rebuke the Congress for the next five years in Uttar Pradesh."




    Sonia Gandhi

    • "These parties have done nothing for the state during their governments, they have, however, filled their own pockets."
    •  "It is only the Congress party for which the entire society and all sections are equal."




    Akhilesh Yadav

    • "There is so much scope in the field of religious tourism, trade and industry that can be done. This time we will do all this."
    • "People of UP understand that the Congress has been corrupt at the centre [federal government]. But it is easier for us to draw their focus to BSP's corruption in UP, and in that context speak of the centre's corruption as well."

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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