Al Jazeera Human Rights Mission Statement

Al Jazeera Public Liberties and Human Rights Department. “Putting the Human Being at the centre of the story”

    Al Jazeera Public Liberties and Human Rights Department

    “Putting the Human Being at the centre of the story”

    Mission Statement:

    We seek to promote awareness and respect for Public Liberties and Human Rights by monitoring, documenting, broadcasting, and raising awareness on these important issues. Our objective is to expand this awareness across the world as a whole, and within the Middle East region in particular. We strive to achieve this in conjunction with the Al Jazeera Media Network's vision and mission, as well as in conformity with its professional ethics.


    The Public Liberties and Human Rights desk aims to be a leading media source in furthering the Public Liberties and Human Rights Department.

    Broadcasting and promoting these values will create an incentive for their respect, adherence, and fulfillment among all those reached by Al Jazeera's expanding Media Network.

    We aim to pioneer a media movement leading to the consolidation of human rights and public liberties and the promotion of their values and principles.

    Strategic Objectives:

    -Integrating the concepts of human rights, humanitarian law, justice and rule of law in all programmes, news and activities of the Al Jazeera Media Network.

    -Training and developing the capacity of all journalists, reports, and general Al Jazeera staff in the fields of human rights, humanitarian law, and occupational safety during media coverage.

    -Building strategic partnerships with human rights organisations and defenders.

    -Building a specialized database to assist all Al Jazeera channels and websites deal accurately with the themes and issues of human rights and humanitarian law.

    -Raising public awareness of the principles and standards of human rights, humanitarian law and transitional justice.

    -Registering and documenting violations and/or achievements in the field of human rights protection and highlighting them in the media.

    -Ensuring all Al Jazeera programmes correspond with the standards of human rights, public liberties and humanitarian law.

    -Following-up on all regional and international developments related to the protection of human rights and public liberties, and documenting the experiences of organisations working in this field.

    -Producing reports, documentaries and programmes on human rights and public liberties issues.

    Partner organisations:

    United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

    International Committee for the Red Cross

    Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders)

    National Commission for Human Rights

    Doha Centre for Media Freedom

    Faculty of Law at the University of Lyon

    Kuwaiti Society for the basic constituents of Human Rights

    Al-Shorouq Media Foundation

    Arab Institute for Human Rights

    Collaborating organisations:

    Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights,

    Norwegian Centre for Human Rights

    International Federation of Journalists

    ARTICLE 19

    Committee to Protect Journalists

    Reporters Without Borders

    Centre for Defending Freedom of the Press

    Human Rights Watch

    Amnesty International

    Arab Organisation for Human Rights

    Arab Commission for Human Rights

    Global Network for Right and Development

    Geneva Institute for Human Rights

    Information and Training Centre

    Centre for Constitutional Rights

    Civil Aid International Organisation

    Iraqi Journalists Syndicate


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