Inside USA: Border security

This week we look at how big business is tapping into the US border security market.

    The border near Tuscon, Arizona, is a high
    traffic area for migrants
    Immigration and border security has become a frontline in US politics and a key battleground in the race for the White House.
    So - big stakes on the political front, but also big money, and big questions, with the same private contractors from Iraq now involved in building a high-tech fortress America.  
    This week Inside USA travels to the US-Mexico border to look at how big business is positioning itself to tap into the lucrative border security market.
    One of the first to get there was Boeing - America's second largest defence contractor - with Project 28, a so-called 'virtual fence' to police 28 miles of border near Tuscon, Arizona, a high traffic area for migrants.

    And another name is present too. Blackwater - without doubt the most controversial private contractor in Iraq.

    The company has started to manufacture surveillance blimps - clearly aimed at the border market.

    Last year Blackwater announced plans for an 824 acre training facility just eight miles from the US-Mexico border.

    The local community protested, and Blackwater last week said that it was dropping its plans to build the training camp.

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