In video: Messages to Obama

Al Jazeera asked people what they want to hear the US president say to the Muslim world.

    Some have questioned Obama's decision to deliver the speech in Egypt [EPA]

    Barack Obama, the US president, is due to deliver his highly-anticipated speech to the Muslim and Arab world in Cairo today.

    Al Jazeera asked people from the Muslim world what they would like to hear the US president say.

    Voices from Jordan


    Jordanians say they would like Obama to address the Palestinian-Israeli issue and to stress that he will be applying a new strategy and fresh perspective to US foreign policy.

    Voices from Iran


    Iranians say they want the US president to have better relations with the Muslim world and to reduce the sanctions on their country.

    Voices from Iraq


    Iraqis say that Obama must distance himself from the foreign policies of George Bush, his predecessor, and support a central and non-sectarian Iraqi government.

    Voices from Turkey


    Turks say Obama should reject divisions between religions and tackle the subject of the rights of women in Muslim countries.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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