Muntari shines for Black Stars

Sulley Muntari has been a driving force behind Ghana's Africa Cup campaign.

    Sulley Muntari, left, has been winning midfield battles and scoring goals for Ghana [GALLO/GETTY]

    In the quarter-final against Nigeria, Muntari, who was named player of the match, made the decisive pass for striker Junior Agogo to grab the late winner to send Ghana through to the final four.
    Muntari went into Sunday's match in good spirits after his Premiership club Portsmouth had earned a 1-1 draw with Chelsea 24 hours earlier, and the 2-1 win over the Super Eagles made it a weekend to remember.

    "The pressure may be on us, but we're through to the semi-finals."

    Sulley Muntari,
    Ghana midfielder

    "I was in tears after the game yesterday I was so happy to win," the dangerous midfielder said.
    "It's too early to say if we'll win the Cup, we've got a big game first on Thursday, but if we pull it off... I'll fly!"
    Looking back to Sunday's well earned win Muntari added: "It was very difficult for us, especially when our captain John Mensah was sent off.
    "But we all got together, we're united as a group. We love each other very much, we respect each other and are dedicated to this tournament.
    "We want to give our all to our nation."
    Pressure and expectation
    Much has been made of the pressure the hosts' face each time they take to the pitch with Ghana, from President John Kuffour down to the street sellers outside the Ohene Djan stadium, willing the Black Stars on.
    "There's a lot of expectation for us to do well," Muntari acknowledged.
    "We had the same thing in the World Cup in Germany two years ago.
    "There's no half measure, we're doing our best to make our supporters happy. That's what we're doing by winning games. The pressure may be on us, but we're through to the semi-finals.
    "It was a great win against Nigeria, but that's not our objective, our aim is to win the title."
    Claude Le Roy, Ghana coach, is one of Muntari's biggest fans.
    "I'm not saying he's the best in the world, but that he's got qualities that set him apart," Le Roy explained.
    "He's very strong technically, and likes always to battle."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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