Nouzaret fears Feindouno ban

The Guinea leading goal scorer and captain faces a two-match ban for his red card.

    Guinea's Pascal Feindouno, left, is an integral part of Robert Nouzaret's team and will be missed [AFP]

    "It's not going to be easy, he's a hugely talented player. I'm waiting to hear from the authorities but he could be out for the next two matches," Nouzaret told AFP on Friday.
    Guinea's victory, after their loss to Ghana in their opening match, has put them back in the race for the knockout stages which means they may have to face a quarter final against the winners or runners up of Group B without their leading man.

    "It's very important but I'll just have to find a different format without Pascal."

    Robert Nouzaret,
    Guinea coach

    "I'll have to find a solution, but there's no player like him," said Nouzaret.
    "The minute the referee sent him off I thought of the consequences.
    "It's very important but I'll just have to find a different format without Pascal."
    A dubious distinction
    The 26-year-old striker's starring performances for his country have earned him Maradona-style adulation from the fans back in Conakry where he has his own club - FC Feindouno.
    He is vital to Guinea as he can operate wide or in the centre, dribble, strike long-range goals, set up team-mates with millimeter-perfect passes.
    The Saint Etienne player put Guinea into an 11th-minute lead against Morocco with a delightful curling free-kick which sneaked past the Moroccan defence by the unattended near post.
    In the second half, he set up Ismael Bangoura for Guinea's second, and then with the score at 2-1 he put Guinea further ahead with a coolly taken penalty, only to ruin the moment seconds later when he clashed with Erbate.
    Feindouno earned the dubious distinction of being the first player to be sent off at the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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