Eto'o proves indomitable

Cameroon striker takes African Nations Cup tally to record 16 goals against Sudan.

    Eto'o scored in injury-time to make it five goals in the tournament so far [AFP]
    Eto'o scored again in injury-time to make it five goals in the tournament.

    Sudan's record of three defeats, no goals scored and nine conceded is the worst in Nations Cup history.

    'Tournament for children'

    Despite the second-place qualification, Otto Pfister, Cameroon's coach, complained that his team had been forced to travel from Kumasi to Tamale on the eve of the game and had wasted most of Tuesday sitting around and waiting.

    "This is a total disaster. I don't know if this is the Nations Cup or a tournament for children," he said.

    He said their flight was late, their luggage and balls were left behind and their hotel rooms and lunch were not ready when they arrived in Tamale.

    "We completely lost the day," said the German, whose outburst was still gathering steam when Confederation of African Football (CAF) officials stopped the media conference.

    "We have to put on this organising committee people who have played football."

    Egypt top

    Defending champions Egypt eased into the quarter-finals as Group C winners, despite conceding a late equaliser in a 1-1 draw with Zambia.

    Amr Zaki scored after 15 minutes in another solid display by the Pharoahs, who finished with seven points, one more than second placed Cameroon.

    Egypt were left to rue a string of missed chances and were caught out after a sustained period of pressure when Katongo blasted home from close range in the 89th minute.

    Zambia's Christopher Katongo, left, and
    Egypt's Wael Gomaa fight for the ball [AFP]

    Zaki's goal came at the end of a swift move with Sayed Moawad providing him with an easy finish for his second goal of the tournament.

    Mohamed Shawky missed with a header and Hosni Abd Rabou fired over the top in two other good first-half chances and Zaki might have doubled the score just after halftime when his header from close range went inches wide.

    A fine save by Zambia goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene denied Zaki again just before the hour-mark.

    Shawky Gharib, Egypt's assistant coach, said: "Our performance was not as good as before but we made it through to the next round without any injuries.

    "That was our main aim," he said.

    Katongo had several shooting chances for Zambia but failed to find the target, before his last gasp effort.

    Patrick Phiri, Zambia's coach, said: "At least we go home with some kind of satisfaction, displaying the talent and skill in our team.

    "It is a pity we are going, as we could have ended more entertainment to this tournament," he said.

    Egypt will stay in Kumasi for Monday's quarter-final against the runner-up in Group D, which is to be settled on Thursday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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