Stielike to stay away

Ivory Coast manager Uli Stielike will be absent for the whole tournament.

    Uli Stielike will be watching th Elephants from afar [GALLO/GETTY]

    He was replaced by the Ivory Coast under-23 coach Gerard Gili, who takes charge of their Nations Cup campaign starting with Monday's Group B match against Nigeria in Sekondi.

    Stielike said last week he hoped to return during the tournament if his son's condition improved but FIF secretary general Heguard Ouattara said that was no longer planned.

    "But we want to enter into negotiations with him after the tournament to take (charge of) our team during the 2010 World Cup qualifiers," he said.

    Former Real Madrid midfielder Stielike has spent 14 months at the helm and has a record of seven wins in 11 matches.

    They start their World Cup qualifiers at home to Mozambique in June.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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