Hayatou continues attack on critics

Africa's football chief tells critics to stop putting themselves first.

    President of the Confederation of African Football Issa Hayatou, left, makes his feelings known to Fifa president Sepp Blatter [GALLO/GETTY]

    All have left their clubs at a key moment of the season to play in the Nations Cup, which starts in Ghanaon Sunday.

    "The players who criticise the event should learn to put the interest of African football above those of their own," Hayatou said.

    He again blamed climatic conditions in Africa as a reason for not switching the event to mid-year when club seasons are completed.

    He also said Africa would also continue to hold the event every two years.

    But CAF did make a minor concession earlier this week when they announced that the 2010 Nations Cup would start 10 days earlier, running from January 10-31 in Angola.

    This will benefit clubs in countries where the leagues have a winter break.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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