Essien dreams of Drogba final

The Ghanaian relishes the chance of meeting his Chelsea teammate in the Cup final.

    Ghana's Michael Essien, left, is not afraid of taking on his Chelsea teammate Didier Drogba [GALLO/GETTY]

    "A final against the Ivorians and with Didi (Drogba) in the attacking lines would be a great battle on the field," said Essien.
    "Most of the players know each other from playing in Europe and it would make the game more intense.

    "The positive thing is that I know him well and I know some of his defects."

    Michael Essien

    "In the last few days at Chelsea, Drogba told me to prepare myself because he is not going to offer us anything if we play each other in the Cup.
    "The positive thing is that I know him well and I know some of his defects."
    Essien, in an interview with, said that just because Ghana are hosts doesn't mean they have a divine right to lift the continental title.
    "People think Ghana are favourites because we are playing at home but it doesn't guarantee to win in any competition in the world," the midfielder said.
    Added pressure
    "It is added pressure for the team but we are ready to fight to be champions. We have shown it during the first game against Guinea by playing until the end."
    The 25-year-old thinks Ghana are among a group of five teams capable of claiming the trophy they won for the fourth time back in 1982.
    "If we watch the other groups and analyse the other teams, I think that our major rivals are Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Nigeria and Egypt.
    The winner will come from the quintet."
    A win for Ghana against minnows Namibia on Thursday will see them through to the last eight.
    Group A rivals Morocco can also book a quarter-finals spot if they beat Guinea, also in Accra on Thursday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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