Angola fight back to shock Senegal

Man United bound Manucho scores twice for the Black Antelopes in their 3-1 win.

    Angola's Black Antelopes stunned Senegal with
    three second half goals [Reuters]

    Senegal shaded the first half and led through an Abdoulaye Faye header only to be taken apart in the second as Manucho pounced twice before Flavio Amado added the killer third goal.
    Oliveira Goncalves, Angola manager, conceded that Senegal were pre-match favourites, but said: "The strongest side doesn't always win."

    "Senegal are a big team but we deserved the win, despite their star players."

    Oliveira Goncalves,
    Angola manager

    "Senegel deserved their advantage in the first half, but I made some changes at half-time and asked the players to keep the ball low, and we played faster.
    "Senegal are a big team but we deserved the win, despite their star players."
    Angola's hero Manucho had successful trials with English Premier League champions Man United last month and after receiving praise from manager Sir Alex Ferguson, only needs a work permit to realise his childhood dream of moving to Old Trafford.
    A knee injury ruled Angola captain Paulo Figueiredo out, while Manuel Mendonca was dropped with wide midfielders Ze Kalanga and Maurito taking their places.
    For the Teranga Lions, Papa Bouba Diop, one of several Premiership players in the Senegal squad and known as 'The Wardrobe' because of his massive physique, came in for Ousmane Ndoye.
    Senegal take first half lead
    As the opening half progressed before another disappointing small crowd in the northern town, the Lions began to bare their teeth and iconic captain El-Hadji Diouf was not far off target with a curling shot.
    Diouf, former African Footballer of the Year, squandered a half chance before his team took the lead on 20 minutes through Faye, another member of the Premiership brigade.
    Diouf floated a free kick beyond the far post where Souleymane Diawara headed the ball across the goalmouth, with Faye punishing out-of-postion Angola goalkeeper Lama with a close-range header.
    There could have been a second goal for the west Africans soon after, as a cross exposed the retreating Angolan defenders, but unmarked Frederic Mendy was unable to control the ball.
    Lama needed treatment just before half-time as he dived bravely at the feet of Diouf to clear the ball as Senegal sought to convert their wealth of possession into goals.
    Manucho leads comeback

    " the second half Angola's goal hit my players mentally."

    Henri Kasperczak,
    Senegal manager

    However after the break Senegal found themselves on the back foot and Manucho levelled on 50 minutes by climbing above Habib Beye to head a Ze Kalanga cross home.
    The tide was turning and Lions goalkeeper Tony Sylva tipped over a Maurito drive before Manucho struck again after 67 minutes, bundling the ball into the net after Sylva flapped at a corner and his defence failed to clear.
    Angola scored a third goal with 12 minutes left when Amado, who plays for five-time African champions Al-Ahly of Egypt, headed a cross past the motionless Sylva.
    "In the first half we were commited, strong and reliable, but in the second half Angola's goal hit my players mentally," said Henri Kasperczak, Senegal coach.
    "We knew before that if we lost this we'd still have a chance of qualifying, but it's going to be tough against South Africa."
    In their third and final group matches, Angola face Tunisia in Tamale, while Senegal take on South Africa in Kumsi, both on Thursday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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