Le Roy slams Ghana pitch

Ghana coach believes more should have been done to the playing surface.

    Ghana manager Claude Le Roy: Far from impressed with the playing surface [GALLO/GETTY]

    "We have a technical team which likes to play one-touch football and this pitch badly affected our game."

    Le Roy also blamed his team's poor finishing as well as a slice of bad luck after the hosts left it late in the Group A tie, Sulley Muntari scoring a spectacular winner in the final minute with a superb long-distance strike.

    "We created so many opportunities to score, scoring seems to be very complicated for us," he said.

    "But it was a very good performance by the Black Stars.

    "We were also unlucky in the first half when we hit the post three times.

    "We know that the future will be very difficult because all the teams in this competition are very good teams."

    Le Roy's opposite number and fellow Frenchman Robert Nouzerat slammed his team's performance.

    "This is the worst match Guinea have played under me," he said.

    "My regret is that we didn't play the way we should have."

    "The next game will be decisive for us," said Nouzerat, whose side face Morocco on Thursday.

    "The consequence of losing the first game is that if we lose the second, we're out."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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