Le Roy unfazed by lack of firepower

The Ghana coach believes a lack of strikers won't stop Ghana lifting the trophy.

    Ghana manager Claude Le Roy believes his side has the firepower to win the title [GALLO/GETTY]

    "I don't want to divide into goalkeeper, defence, midfield and attack. It's a single team, a unit.

    "I don't think there is a problem with the strikers. We have a very attacking team with two midfielders who look to attack."

    The Frenchman played down the absence of captain Stephen Appiah, out of the tournament with a knee injury.

    "It's a pity Stephen isn't here, he was the leader and he held a big influence over the team but we can't keep talking about him all the time," he said.

    Le Roy admitted he would only stay on if four-times champions Ghana won the tournament.

    "If we lose the championship, I know I will be free to look for another job. I hope I can stay but I know that in this game you're either hero or zero."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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