Nigeria in 'crisis meeting'

German coach Berti Vogts may have his tenure with the Super Eagles cut short.

    Nigerian fans have been saddened by their team's inability to score goals at the African Cup [EPA]

    "We will also review the performance of the team and that will of course include the performance of the coach."
    Nigeria sit in third place in Group B with a single point from two matches after their goalless draw with fellow west Africans Mali, who now need only a draw with a depleted Ivory Coast team on Tuesday in Accra to reach the quarter-finals.
    The last time the Super Eagles failed to go past the first round of the Nations Cup was in 1982 after losses to Algeria and Zambia.
    No excuses 
    Another official disclosed that Vogts, who took charge of the team in March 2007, may have lost favour with two of his most powerful backers and could well be asked to go even though his contract runs till 2010.

    "The team do not have any excuse for this sort of performance."

    Nigerian team official

    "The team do not have any excuse for this sort of performance. We have played two matches with not a goal to show," said the team official.
    "They were given everything they required and so we have to sit and evaluate the whole situation."
    Nigeria begin their qualifying campaign for the 2010 World Cup with a home game against tournament hosts South Africa in May, and officials said they had planned to use the Nations Cup to prepare for this quest.
    Disappointed Nigerian fans attacked the team bus as it made its way out of the Essipong Stadium in Sekondi after the Mali match late on Friday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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