Saudi Arabia stun Indonesia

Saudi Arabia jump to the top of Group D after a 2-1 win over Indonesia.

    Saudi Arabian players are overjoyed after their
    victory [AFP]

    Saudi Arabia snatched a dramatic 2-1 win against Asian Cup co-hosts Indonesia in Group D thanks to Saad Al Harthi's stoppage-time winner.

    The three time champions took the lead in the 15th minute when Ahmed AlBahri's inviting cross into the box was headed home by Yasser Al Qahtani.

    But the home side fought back well and equalised five minutes later.

    Elie Aiboy, who had earlier wasted an opportunity with the goal at his mercy, latched on to the ball and strode into the penalty area, drawing Saudi goalkeeper Yasser Al Mosailem before coolly slotting home.

    Indonesia tired visibly in the second half and only some heroics from goalkeeper Yandri Pitoy kept them in the match.

    But deep in stoppage time Al Harthi popped up to score the winner and deny the co-hosts a precious point.

    The Falcons climbed to the top of the group standings on four points, one ahead of Indonesia.

    South Korea and Bahrain meet on Sunday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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