Quintana saves Qatar again

Uruguay born striker scores again as Qatar draw 1-1 with Vietnam.

    Qatari foward Sebastian Quintana plays saviour
    again [AFP]

    Uruguay born striker Sebastian Quintana was once again his adopted home’s saviour when he scored a 79th-minute equaliser that enabled Qatar to salvage a 1-1 draw with the Asian Cup co-hosts Vietnam.

    The home side were within sight of becoming the first team to reach the quarter-finals after Phan Thanh Binh's fortuitous strike after 32 minutes.

    Qatar goalkeeper Mohamed Saqr's made a shameful attempt to smother Binh's speculative long-range strike as he let the ball squirm under his body and trickle across the line.

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    But Quintana, who scored in Qatar's 1-1 draw with Japan in their opening game, headed home from close range with just over 10 minutes left to throw Group B wide open.

    Vietnam, who beat United Arab Emirates 2-0 at the weekend, were almost undone completely when Qatar substitute Ali Hassan hit the crossbar five minutes later.

    The co-hosts still lead Group B with four points.

    Holders Japan take on UAE on Friday in Hanoi.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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