Socceroos wary of Japanese revenge

Australia knows Japan have the ideal motivation for their Asian Cup quarterfinal.

    Marco Bresciano: Wary of revenge [AFP]

    Australia are well aware of Japan's quest for revenge in their upcoming Asian Cup quarterfinal in Hanoi, and they also know from now on there are no more second chances.

    Australia beat Japan 3-1 in the preliminary round of last year's World Cup, the side's only victory in the Tournament.

    "We know that it is going to be a difficult game.... We know that it is do or die. You progress or you go home," Australian goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer said in Hanoi.

    The two teams will meet on Saturday after Japan topped Group B with seven points and Australia was second in Group A, having only four points.

    "It is a major factor (for Japan) coming into a game and wanting revenge. It was just one of the ways you can motivate yourself," Australian midfielder Mark Bresciano.

    Realizing Japan's motivation to seek a vengeance, the Socceroos have a lot of respect for their opponents.

    "It is going to be a difficult game. We know that we have to lift our standards from the way we played previously," said Schwarzer.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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