1967: The big questions - Part One

Al Jazeera asks: What lasting impact did the 1967 war have on the region?

    What lasting impact did the 1967 war have on the region?




    Saeb Erekat, senior Palestinian negotiator

    "We are paying the consequences of the war today. Forty years and yet no solution to an occupation." 





    Ephraim Sneh, Israeli deputy minister of defence

    "We found ourselves occupying almost the entire Palestinian nation and this was not a blessing. It was a curse."





    Zahi Khouri, Palestine Business Community for Peace

    "The effect has been extremely negative for both. We always have to think of both the Palestinians and the Israelis."





    Shukat Aziz, prime minister of Pakistan

    "The real issues we should focus on are what led to it and what are the root causes."




    Salam Fayyad, minister of finance of the Palestinian Authority

    "It happened to address the occupation that began in 1967. We are still suffering the ill-effects of the long years of the occupation."


    Asma Khadra, former Jordanian minister

    "It was dramatically negative and dramatically damaging."






    Rasheed Rasheed, Egyptian minister of trade

    "Nineteen sixty-seven is embedded now into the genes of all Egyptians. It is an experience that most of them don't talk much about. They live it strongly, not just in their daily lives, but also in the way they think about the future."

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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