Shireen Abu Akleh, Al Jazeera Reporter and Daughter of Palestine.

Shireen Abu Akleh, the renowned veteran journalist for Al Jazeera, the 24-hour Arabic news channel, was a mainstay in homes across the Palestinian territories, the wider region and for Arabs and Muslims globally.

The strong yet mild-mannered Shireen joined Al Jazeera in 1997 as a field journalist and was introduced on air by the Arabic channel’s Palestine bureau chief Walid Omary. At that time, only a few female Palestinian journalists were working as reporters, and Shireen's career blazed a trail for many young women aspiring to be journalists.

The first Oslo Accord had been signed four years prior, and in 1995, the second Oslo Accord was signed and the Palestinian Authority was created. After the failure of the Camp David (II) Summit in 2000 and the subsequent outbreak of the second Intifada, the Oslo Accords collapsed. Shireen was in Palestine to mark these moments that had a monumental effect on Palestinians and the region.


Source: Al Jazeera