'A little to me, a little to them'

An 87-year-old Croatian man uses his pension to feed the birds.

An illustration of a person sitting on top of a long receipt feeding some bird in front of them.
[Jawahir Al-Naimi and Muaz Kory/Al Jazeera]
[Jawahir Al-Naimi and Muaz Kory/Al Jazeera]

What's your money worth? A series from the front line of the cost of living crisis, where people who have been hit hard share their monthly expenses.

Name: Ivan Capan

Age: 87

Occupation: Retired security guard

Lives with: Alone. Ivan was married for 33 years, but has lived alone since his wife died in 1994. He has no children.

Lives in: A 35 square metre basement apartment in a building built in 1933 in Zagreb, the Croatian capital. The small apartment, which Ivan owns, has a hallway, bathroom, toilet, kitchen and bedroom, which overlooks a neglected back yard with lots of pigeons and two cats.

Monthly household income: A pension of 504 euros ($540). He also has 1,320 euros ($1,415) in savings. This is the money he received as a retirement bonus in 1998. To this day, that money remains in his bank account and he has not withdrawn a cent. The average pension in Croatia in December 2022 was 351.36 euros ($376), while the average salary was 1,045.59 euros ($1,120).

Total expenses for the month: 495.68 euros ($531)

Source: Al Jazeera