100 days of war, 100 stories from Ukraine

(Al Jazeera)

On February 24, at 5:30am Moscow time (02:30 GMT) Russian state television channels were interrupted to broadcast an address by President Vladimir Putin announcing a “special military operation” in the Donbas region.

His impetus, to “demilitarise and denazify” Ukraine.

Russian forces infiltrated the northern, eastern and southern fronts of Ukraine with air, land and sea attacks. Explosions were heard in many cities about 5:00am local time (03:00 GMT). In the following 100 days, resounding air raid sirens, unforgiving shelling, months in darkness, and days on foot became the lived experiences of millions of people in Ukraine.

“Here we had our bed, our TV and wardrobe were there. I replaced the windows and doors - everything was brand new - underfloor heating. We were living a good life. The Russians did not need to save us. Absolutely not. They destroyed everything.”

by Victor Horenka

These are the words of Victor Horenka as he surveyed the destruction of his home in Kyiv. A home he spent 20 years making. The building has become a shell - there is no glass in the windows, the brickwork is charred and metal sinews hang from the ceiling.

Source: Al Jazeera