Meet the Constitution Party candidate

One of the smaller political parties in the US nominates a candidate, with hopes to shake up race for the White House.

I just witnessed something I never thought I would at a nominating convention for a political party.

There have been many times in the 2016 election I have found myself saying, I never thought that would happen.

For example, I never predicted that billionaire reality TV star Donald Trump would catapult to the lead after he called Mexicans rapists in his very first speech announcing his candidacy.

He has gone on to break every known rule for how to run a presidential campaign, but he is still winning so maybe I should stop being surprised.

Nevertheless, I am in Salt Lake City Utah covering the Constitutional Party.

They picked their presidential candidate on Saturday. Darrell Castle’s name will be on the ballot in 16 states.

His was an unusual acceptance speech.

UN flag

Castle warned the audience of 142 delegates that the United States was close to giving up its sovereignty.

He warned of a global currency being created by the International Monetary Fund and that Americans would be forced to pay a world tax in order to pay for the recent climate change agreement.

The hallway outside the small ballroom had a United Nations flag taped to the ground so people could step on it.

He fired up the crowd by telling them that they need to be ready to fight.

He said to remember their ancestors took on the Vikings and then celebrated by drinking out of their empty skulls.

If you are wondering, it was in fact the “empty skulls” statement that took me by surprise.

Castle gave me an interview and he admitted he does not have the slightest chance of winning, but he said you can lose the election and still win something.

He said he would have an effective candidacy if he can grow his party and spread their message.

Far-right views

Many of the convention attendees told me they think they have their best chance yet because the Republican Party is so fractured.

The Constitution Party does not have significant clout, notoriety or membership.

In the last election they received just over 100,000 votes.

They are to the far right and believe that all federal programmes not guaranteed by the US constitution should be sent back to the states.

No social safety net for the poor, disabled or elderly.

They believe all abortion should be banned, even in cases of rape and incest. They believe in vitro fertilisation should also be against the law.

All of their policies are controversial and outside the mainstream, but that does not mean they will not get more support this time around.

There is a common theme to this election and it is permeating from the far left, the far right and many people in the middle.

The voters are disillusioned.

They do not believe they still have a voice and that the country is being run to benefit corporations and billionaires.

Lack of trust

Many think their politicians are bought and paid for and are looking out for their donors and doing it at the people’s expense. Much of this goes back to the housing crisis.

They see their neighbour still struggling to rebuild their lives while the bankers at the heart of the economic devastation are doing incredibly well.

Wall Street carried on without punishment or long-term pain; the American people on the whole cannot say the same.

There are countless polls that show the majority of Americans no longer trust their government.

They do not think the federal government works. They are angry.

They seem willing to try something completely new in hopes that this time the system changes.

I keep wondering just how angry and how far are they willing to go to prove it.

That is exactly what the Constitution Party plans to find out in November.

Source: Al Jazeera


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