As America votes, a voice from India

“He has praised India and Hinduism …. But he has no idea about world politics.”

US Election Coverage / Madhurendra Sinha/India [Showkat Shafi / Al Jazeera]
Former journalist and visiting professor Madhurendra Sinha from India weighs in on the US elections [Showkat Shafi/Al Jazeera]

Madhurendra Sinha, 63, a former journalist and visiting professor

I have been observing US presidential elections since the days of George Bush Sr. and have followed every election since then. This time, it was to know whether Hillary Clinton gets the Democrats’ nomination – and she did.

Still, it is shocking to see the fall in the quality of campaigning, debates and overall candidates’ behaviour. Things went from bad to worse. This sort of mudslinging has never been seen before.

Neither of the candidates showed the kind of brilliance required for becoming president of the world’s most powerful country, although Hillary does come fully prepared for her speeches and debates and gives some insight into her thoughts. Yet, as far as expectations are concerned, I am confused as both candidates lack clarity in their future agenda.


Trump seems to be conservative and slightly racist. He is expected to make the US a more closed country by restricting migration and other such steps, and that’s the reason for his popularity among those in the US. If I see it from the point of view of an Indian national, both candidates are not in favour of allowing outsourcing. This will hurt India and Indians who are in the field of IT.

Trump, on the other hand, is a billionaire businessman and will serve the interest of the corporate lobby. Although, of late, he has praised India and Hinduism – but it is difficult to know whether he will stay in favour. It’s like a gamble because he has no idea about world politics.

Source: Al Jazeera


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