Recording facility fosters S African musical talent

Johannesburg’s Downtown Music Hub is a government initiative offering high-quality recording facilities at a low cost.

Johannesburg – The Downtown Music Hub in Johannesburg is a government initiative, offering high-quality recording facilities at a low cost.

The building housing the music hub has been associated with the music industry since the 1970s.

The government bought it seven years ago with the idea to make world-class recording facilities accessible to the general public by setting the prices low. The renovations are not quite finished but the studios are busy with budding artists.

Artists like Christopher Manana, who works in a factory at night, has been honing his passion for maskandi Zulu folk music at the Music Hub.

Chola Makgamathe, CEO of the hub, says the music centre strives to keep its price low to develop artists.

“From its inception it has always had a developmental agenda, and access has always been a core feature,” he said.

“Our aim is really to keep our prices at a level where anyone can come through and record their music.”

Source: Al Jazeera


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