Al Jazeera Arabic tops viewing figures

Arabic-language channel has more viewers across the MENA region than all other Pan-Arab news channels combined.

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Al Jazeera Arabic has more viewers than all other Pan-Arab news channels combined.

Independent research has shown Al Jazeera Arabic is firmly the most watched Pan-Arab news channel.

According to audience data produced for Q1 2013 by Ipsos and Sigma, two independent media research agencies, Al Jazeera’s daily viewership across the MENA region was 34 percent higher than all the other pan-Arab channels combined.

The research also indicated that Al Jazeera Arabic occupied all top ten slots in the rankings for news programmes.

Commenting on the statistics, Ahmed Bin Jassim Al Thani, Director General of Al Jazeera Media Network, said the channel was grateful to its viewers.

“Al Jazeera continues to lead due to our distinguished commitment to a code of ethics along with editorial policies based on speed, accuracy and objectivity,” he said.

“The channel’s success is based on the sacrifices of Al Jazeera correspondents who are always seeking the truth even as they are exposed to continuous threats, which in some instances have led to death as happened recently in Syria.

“The challenges we face every day also include the closure of our offices last month in Iraq, which will not deter us from continuing our coverage of the important stories.

“Al Jazeera is grateful to its viewers for their continued trust, especially as they have even with more channels from which to choose.

“Where we were once the only free media outlet in the region, now many local channels have launched in the post-revolutionary context. We’ve embraced and supported this, as more free journalism is best for everyone.

“Al Jazeera remains committed to delivering captivating content where the human is at the centre of the story.

“Through the largest newsgathering network of correspondents in the world, we aim to continue getting exclusive stories, conducting in-depth investigations, and airing incisive current affairs programs.”

Source: Al Jazeera