Meeting TEDx organisers from around the world

Interviews with some of the 650 TEDx organisers from 90 different countries that gathered in Qatar for the TEDxSummit.

TEDxSummit, 16 April - 20 April, 2012. Doha, Qatar. Photo: James Duncan Davidson
The Doha meeting was a celebration of three years of TEDx events [James Duncan Davidson]

Qatar’s capital Doha hosted a summit of TEDx organisers from around the world.

TEDx gatherings are independently organised events based on the TED model, hosting speakers from the disciplines of technology, entertainment and design.

TED started out in 1984 as a conference that brought together people giving short talks on ‘ideas worth spreading’.

TEDx has expanded the TED model, making participation wider. Over 600 TEDx organisers from at least 90 countries participated in this conference, the first of its kind since TEDx was started three years ago.

Here are a collection of audio interviews.

Meeting TEDx organisers from around the world

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(Main mage used under CC license from James Duncan Davidson)

Source: Al Jazeera