Indonesian film stirs religious controversy

TV network pulls movie about religion tolerance after Islamist group warns it could trigger nationwide violence.

A film about religious tolerance in Indonesia has been pulled from a major TV network after an Islamist group warned the film could trigger nationwide violence.

Question Mark tackles the issue of religious harmony by showing a Buddhist family, a Muslim family and a woman who converts to Christianity, all living together.

But the Islamic Defenders Front, a group with a history of violence, siad the message of pluralism is dangerous. 

The organisation says it is insulting to show a Muslim playing the role of Jesus in a church play.

The group has forced one of Indonesia’s main television channels not to air the film.

Salim Alatas, from the Islamic Defenders Front said: “We are worried that if Muslims feel insulted there will be burning and rioting, that’s what we have to prevent.

“That’s why the SCTV channel has cancelled the showing because they were afraid.”

The Indonesian press council says Question Mark is educational because it can teach people about Indonesian values that tend to be forgotten.

The council wants the film, which was shown in theatres, to be broadcast on television.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Jakarta.

Source: Al Jazeera

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