Following Al Jazeera’s sixth Annual Forum

Building on the worldwide recognition of the Network’s coverage during recent events in the Middle East, the Forum will prominently feature young activists, bloggers and journalists.

The sixth Al Jazeera Forum began on Saturday morning, with the network’s Director-General, Wadah Khanfar, opening the first pre-forum session: “People are more important than centers of power… Let us put the human being at centre of our attention.”

Building on the worldwide recognition of Al Jazeera’s coverage during recent events in the Middle East, the forum prominently features the young activists, bloggers and journalists who are credited with leading revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

One of the organisers said that the forum programme was actually redrafted in recent weeks to “take into account what has happened” in the region over the past few months.

“This is the first major opportunity these young leaders are getting to come together and interact with each other in person and share ideas,” the organisers said in a statement issued on Saturday morning.

The organisers say that while this is a closed event, “the world at large will also have the opportunity to engage” with delegates there through the forum website:

Keynote speeches will be given by Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davuto?lu, former Brazilian president Lula Da Silva, and Tariq El-Beshri,  the senior judge who drafted the new Egyptian constitution.

The forum is being live blogged, live tweeted and live streamed, so there is no reason to miss out on the action.

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