Life with marines

A behind-the-scenes look at life on an embed.

Without drama, my cameraman Tom Nicholson and I made it safely back to Doha.

That’s unusual because travelling on military embeds usually means several days of waiting, hoping to hitch rides on “Space-A” available flights.
TV crews are always the last priority, and rightfully so.

We were there to report and follow the troops without inconveniencing them at the same time.

But that means you can literally get bumped off the manifest by a soldier’s single piece of luggage – a risky proposition when you consider all the gear we have to shlep.
To that end, one of the more memorable stays during our journey was at Forward Operating Base Dehli in Garmsir, Southern Helmand.

We stayed about five nights there, waiting to push out further south to an austere patrol base. 
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 It’s all about having good company.

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