Press Releases: 2006

Press releases issues by Al Jazeera English Press Office in 2006.

Welcome to the Al Jazeera English Press Office.



13-12-2006: Al Jazeera English supports the Mohamed Amin Foundation

30-11-2006: Al Jazeera announces line-up for tomorrows Asia Pacific programme: 101 East

27-11-2006: Presenter Josh Rushing to air this week on Al Jazeera English

24-11-2006: Al Jazeera announces line-up for today’s Frost Over The World

20-11-2006: World Exclusive News access to Myanmar for Al Jazeera English

15-11-2006: Al Jazeera English Launches

14-11-2006: Al Jazeera English – worldwide distribution unveiled ahead of launch

12-11-2006: Al Jazeera English announces Frost over the World presented by Sir David Frost

12-11-2006: Al Jazeera English announce daily discussion programme – Inside Story

10-11-2006: Nazanine Moshiri joins Al Jazeera English as presenter and reporter

08-11-2006: Al Jazeera English reveals line up of Doha news presenters

08-11-2006: Al Jazeera English announce new strand: Inside Iraq

31-10-2006: Al Jazeera English announces launch date

30-10-2006: Al Jazeera English announces People and Power reporter Juliana Ruhfus

29-10-2006: Al Jazeera English unveils Asia Pacific Programme: 101 East

10-10-2006: Al Jazeera English announces international line up of Bureaux and Correspondents

05-10-2006: Darren Jordon joins Al Jazeera English

19-09-2006: AJE announces African line up


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