Google services restoring after worldwide outage

Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and other Google services went down simultaneously on Monday.

Services from Alphabet Inc experienced widespread outages around the world, preventing people from accessing Gmail, YouTube and other products [Hollie Adams/Bloomberg]

Gmail, YouTube, Google Classroom and other Google services from Alphabet Inc are being restored after a global outage earlier on Monday.

Downdetector, which tracks internet service outages, showed a range of Google business and consumer products experiencing problems starting about 6:30am ET (11:30 GMT).

Google’s own page that tracks the performance of its services posted an update at 6.55am ET saying, “We’re aware of a problem with Gmail affecting a majority of users.”

By 7.52am (12:52 GMT), the status page said, “The problem with Gmail should be resolved for the vast majority of affected users.”

The status page did not describe the nature of the problem.

The worldwide disruption saw #YouTubeDOWN and #googledown trend on Twitter as users took the social media platform to share reports and memes of their difficulties accessing services, as well as their relief as they came back online.


Source: Al Jazeera