Toyota to end lockout at India plants

Workers to return to work next week at two plants outside Bangalore, but dispute over pay remains to be resolved.

Lockout was declared at the two plants outside Bangalore last Sunday [Reuters]

Toyota Motors says it will end a lockout of workers at both of its auto assembly plants in India.

The Indian subsidiary of the world’s largest car maker said on Thursday night it had agreed to let employees return to work starting next week. The company employs 6,400 people at its two plants outside Bangalore.

Toyota said the decision was in consideration of “law-abiding team members” who could return to work after signing a code of conduct.

The company declared the lockout on Sunday, saying workers seeking higher wages had disrupted production and threatened management. The wage negotiations, which began in April last year, have not yet been resolved.

Seventeen workers were also suspended for their alleged unruly behaviour.

The two plants produce 310,000 vehicles a year. 

Source: AP