Saudi prince makes case for women drivers

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says kingdom could cut down on number of foreign workers by letting Saudi women drive.

A Saudi woman opens the door of her family s car
Saudi Arabia follows ultraconservative interpretation of Islam that bans women from driving [EPA]

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has indicated support of allowing women there to drive.

He said on Sunday that if women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, it would help the kingdom’s campaign to cut down on the number of foreign workers.

Saudi Arabia follows an ultraconservative interpretation of Islam and bans women from driving.

“The question of allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia will save more than 500,000 jobs in addition to the social and economic benefits,” the prince wrote Sunday on his Twitter account.

Thousands of foreign workers have been fired from their jobs and then deported, part of a government campaign against foreigners who illegally reside and work in the kingdom.

Last week King Abdullah gave workers three months to try to legalise their presence. There are more than eight million foreign workers in Saudi Arabia.

Source: News Agencies